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Fee Schedule


Cashier’s Check $3
Non-Sufficient Item $35
Overdraft Protection Items-Negative $25 or less


Overdraft Protection Items-Negative from $25.01 to $50 $20
Overdraft Protection Items-Negative from $50.01 and more $35
Dormant Fee/per month - (6 months of no activity) $5
Account Printout $1
Statement Copy $5
Account Research per hour $25
Account Balancing Assistance $25
Stop Pay Items $35
Garnishments $200+attny
Levies $100
Check Copies $2
Bank Wires $15
Financial Institution to Financial Institution Transfer (In or Out) $1
Skip a Pay $35
Collection Item (domestic only) $10
Debit Card Replacement $20
Return Mail $5
Account Closed Within 60 days of Opening $25
ATM Our Member at Foreign ATM (Withdrawal and balance inquiry) $1.50
ATM Non-Member at Our Machine $3
Check Cashing Fee with Aggregate Balance of $100 or less past 60 days (minimum $5) 2%
Faxes $1 per page
Money Market Average Daily Balance less than $2500 per month $5
Call Center Balance and Account Inquiries per transaction $2
Verification of Deposit Request (each) $15
Checking Account Average Daily Balance less than $500 per month $5
Return E-mail Account Statement $5
Excess Money Market Withdrawals/check (more than six transactions per month) $25
Bad Address Fee each month until corrected $5
Excessive Share Withdrawals (greater than 6 per month) on Savings Accounts $1 per transaction
Coin Counting 10% of Total Counted


Notes:   The $5 fee for an average daily checking fee balance of less than $500 will not be assessed to those 22 and under. 


Will I be charged a dormant fee?

The Dormant Fee will NOT be assessed if you have any of the following relationships with TEXAR Federal Credit Union:

  • Active Loan or credit card
  • Average savings share balance of $100 or more
  • Checking, money market, share certificates, business or retirement accounts
  • Active Mortgage Loan
  • Under the age of 18