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Commercial Lending Solutions

Your business needs a friend, too.


As a leader in consumer lending, we’re proud to be able to provide
the business community with the same great service we’ve been
able to provide in other lending areas.

Your business needs a friend, someone who understands the needs
of your business which is why we’re excited to introduce the
newest member of our team,
David Crenshaw.

David has 22 years of experience under his belt in commercial
lending and is dedicated to tailoring solutions that will support
your company goals and visions.

David Crenshaw, CPA
VP of Commercial Lending

NMLS # 715352
(c) 903 293 2179
(d) 903-334-0711


First time needing a commercial loan?

If this is all new to you, no worries. We’ll take care of you. Here’s some information the

lending team will need to make sure you’re getting the best service.

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