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Debit Cards

While check writing is still useful in some situations, having the convenience and flexibility of a TEXAR Debit Card is a real plus. 

From gas purchases, to ATM withdrawals, to retail Point of Sale, you will enjoy efficient purchasing power without needing to carry around extra cash. You can continually track your purchases in Anywhere Access online banking, or by using your mobile device. 

Concerned about security?  Our Debit Card is protected with a Personal ID Number known only to you.   If it is lost or stolen, you can immediately deactivate it on Anywhere Access or by using Audio Response. Please click here for instructions. Or, you may call TEXAR during our business hours. 

Also available with your TEXAR Debit Card is the savings tool called “Easy Money”.  

With your Debit Card, you have the following benefits:

  • 24/7 checking account access
  • Valid everywhere debit is accepted
  • Functions as an ATM card
  • Has no monthly transaction charges
  • Cash-back at many retailers

You can get a debit card from the following TEXAR branches within minutes:  Texarkana, Jefferson Ave, New Boston, Atlanta, DeKalb & Paris. Stop by any of these locations or call 903-223-0000 to request a new card.  If a branch isn't in your area, cards may be mailed to your residence or to your nearest branch.  Cards  are mailed from our card processor and may take up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

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